Happiest Baby Educator Certification Program

Over 3,000 Educators in 25 Countries

This knowledge truly is a miracle.
Teresa Olsen, M.ED, Director, Child Abuse Education, PA Chapter, AAP; Paoli Hospital, PA
Dr. Karp is a parenting hero! A must have resource for all families.
Jane Honikman, MS, Founder Postpartum Support International
Dr. Karp’s love and respect for infants and new parents permeates his message.
Penny Simkin, PT, childbirth educator, doula, author, co-founder of DONA
The 5 S’s promote attachment and bonding and can calm even frantic babies!
Attachment Parenting International (API)
During my 32 years in the NICU, I’ve seen many methods to help parents, but the benefits from Happiest Baby are by far the most rewarding.
Janet Camasta, BSN, RN, St. Barnabas Medical Center, NJ
…the best way I