He’s best known as the creator of the best-selling Happiest Baby on the Block series of books and DVDs, but for the past twenty years Dr. Harvey Karp has been tackling something even tougher than a toddler temper tantrum: endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). EDCs are found in almost every product we have in our homes and exposure to them have been recently linked to everything from hormonal disorders to fetal malformations to even obesity.

In his recent series for The Huffington Post, Dr. Karp theorizes that overexposure to EDCs during pregnancy and the first years of life could be a main cause of the disorder. Through his work as an activist for the organization Healthy Child, Healthy World, a movement to protect young children from harmful chemicals, Dr. Karp and others are trying to get the word out about the dangers of EDCs and have succeeded in obtaining government funding for new studies about the effects of environmental influences on children. Babble spoke with Dr. Karp about what chemicals to look out for in our homes and products, how to best avoid overexposure, and why vaccines are still misidentified as a cause of autism. — Sara R. Fisher

I have to ask you this first. Why do rumors about a link between autism and vaccinations still persist when all evidence and research show the contrary?

The biggest reason is the increase in reported incidents. Now, a lot of kids get reported with new diagnoses of autism and it’s scary.

Then people like Jenny McCarthy, who is an impassioned spokesperson, have been given the biggest platforms in the world to make these claims with the most threadbare scientific support, accompanied by doctors with dubious reputations.

It was a good idea to look at vaccines as a cause of autism, but we have no proven links. We took the mercury out and the rate of autism keeps going up. But there are bound to be parents who say their children got worse after the vaccine. It’s just a coincidence without any correlation. We are constantly scrutinizing vaccines to make sure they are well-tested and safe. I’m hoping to make a more reasonable appeal to parents about vaccinations that a) there is no association and b) there are other things to think about when it comes to autism.

By these “other things,” do you mean EDCs?

There is a possibility it’s related to these chemicals. Fifty percent of chemical exposure you get in your lifetime you will get in the first five years of life. I want to exp